At IMMSA we introduce our newest launch, Heil's high-performance PT-1000A is the first trash picker and / or rear loader specifically designed using all the resources of Dover Corporation's global initiatives.

This garbage truck is designed as a truly global platform, the PT1000A offers manufacturing and assembly capability in any chassis from around the world using ESG's unparalleled design, manufacturing and features.

The PT1000A is designed with extensive use of high strength, high flexibility steels to maximize durability and increase payloads.

It features built-in and standardized safety features, super-fast cycle times for increased productivity and multifaceted capability.

The PT1000A waste pick-up truck and / or compactor can handle highly abrasive and organic wet waste, both commercial and domestic, all of which contribute to your return on investment.

Features and benefits.

  • Structure of high resistance and of great index of flexibility.
  • Subchassis and body in platform completely interlaced.
  • Enhanced geometry and compaction mechanism.
  • Longer compactor guides that reduce equipment maintenance.
  • Standard regeneration valve / 17 sec. duration of the cycle.
  • Body design of the box with smooth sides and structural reinforcements on all four sides.
  • Commercial hopper size of 2.25m3.
  • Integrated standard leach tank 130 liters capacity.
  • Hydraulic Shur-Lock ™ hopper closure.
  • Available mechanical and / or electrical control options.
  • Standard LED lights and hopper working lights.
  • Complete range of container lift mechanisms.
  • Hydraulic oil tank inside the box.
  • Neoprene seal between hopper and standard box.
  • Premium quality cylinders and valves.

Because at IMMSA we are a manufacturer of garbage collectors of high quality in which during the process we use the highest quality steel and the strictest quality standards.