Roll off hydraulic system

Manufacture of hydraulic lifting system and collection of equipment such as open top roll off containers, compactors and roll off platforms using high quality and resistance steels.

Among the main features of the roll off hydraulic system are:

  • Outer rail
  • Replaceable rear roller
  • Pulleys with bronze bushings
  • Air Controls in cabin
  • Also available in 75,000 lbs.

We offer a one year warranty on any part, in addition, the roll off system is a fully assembled and ready to install equipment, has a black finish coat in automotive quality which combined with the quality of manufacturing steel result into a roll off with a longer service life.

Main advantages.

  • Interchangeable pistons
  • 1/2" plate to protect pistons 
  • Reinforced rear rollers
  • Fastest, 22 sec. lifting and 17 sec. to go down
  • Angle with elevation to roll off container
  • Rear bolt with more stable center of gravity
  • Security alarm activation if accidentally is switch on 
  • Reinforced bottom frame and back plate ready to tow

The roll off hydraulic system offers an excellent efficiency and a long service life, as well as an innovative design which contributes quickly to return your investment.