Vertical balers

In IMMSA we are manufacturer of vertical balers, they are high quality steel made, our vertical balers make 880 to 1100 lbs. corrugated cardboard bales (model K5D) and 330 to 390 lbs. corrugated cardboard bales (model K2D). Vertical balers compact cardboard, newspaper, officepaper, plastic, etc. Balers are versatile and have excellent quality, bale varies depending on type of material.

A vertical baler cans to compact waste materials to reduce the self material quantity giving more space used by additional wasting material to be compacted until the collection time.

In accomplisment with the national and international demand, Atlas Balers with their vertical baler models, is the brand that responds to the consumers and environment exigences and to the correct treatment of cardboard, officepaper, plastic, newspaper, pet, non metalic wastings, textiles. Balers are ideal for:

  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment buildings
  • Industries
  • Manufacturing

On each Vertical baler we offer:

  • 4 time volume saving with stacking bales
  • Minimum costs of maintenance, cleaning and order in the recycling area
  • Volume, storage time and transport optimization
  • Comfortable, cheap and secure operation
  • Resources recovery by material sales
  • Distributors national network
  • National sales and exportation


  • High resistance steel
  • Application of advanced technology in the fabrication processes
  • Hidraulic, electric and mechanic mechanisms of high resistance and precission

If you need a heavy duty baler we invite you to know IMMSA horizontal baler.